Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random picks

Yesterday I went to Tacoma to review the current show at Fulcrum Gallery, and then headed on up north to Seattle where Gabi and I wandered around Pioneer Square checking out the galleries.
Featured at Fulcrum in Tacoma is an installation called "What's That Building in There?" with portraits of registered sex offenders and a strange spoken word performance by the one and only Tom Waits. Watch for my review in the Weekly Volcano next week.
Now for Seattle: If I spend the whole day visiting galleries in Seattle and see one good show I usually consider that a banner day -- meaning I'm usually disappointed. But yesterday I saw two good shows.
First was Glenn Ossiander at I/M/A Gallery, corner Jackson and Occidental. Ossiander is showing a group of small abstract paintings is intense colors, mostly red or red-orange. These are exciting paintings. The surface treatment is rich and the colors are burning hot.
Next was Terry Turrell at Grover Thurston. Large and small paintings and sculpture in mixed media with a density of marks and crisp edges and wildly imaginative imagery.
I highly recommend both of these shows.

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