Monday, December 17, 2007

Scary words

When I published my first novel my sister, a devout Southern Baptist, said she was afraid to read it. I guess she was afraid that it might have sex or violence or dirty words. She bought a copy, but I doubt if she ever read it.

She might have found out that it did have sex and violence and dirty words.

My next one was even more explicit. An uncle on Gabi's side of the family emailed me saying he was shocked. He said he liked it but couldn't imagine a gentle person such as I writing about such things. An elderly lady whom I knew through our local PFLAG chapter had a similar reaction, asking, "How do you even know about that stuff?" But she said she cried at the end. So did a neighbor whom I was afraid might be offended by some of the language.

I guess you never know how people might react.

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