Monday, May 7, 2007

The Wives of Marty Winters Part III

Book One

1960 to 1971

"The heart senses a moment of magic. It is the evening of June 10. Elvis has just come home from the Army, and Marty is at the graduation dance at Priest Point Park. A mirrored ball flashes bubbles of light on swirling skirts, red and violet light floating across figures and walls like a laser show on clouds. Couples move together in ways that look more like sex than dancing, Jimmy Collins humping his date like a dog, while on the bandstand The Twilights play Pat Boone’s 'Love Letters in the Sand'.”

Thus begins Book One, Chapter One of The Wives of Marty Winters, a work in progress. In the prologue (sections of which I've already posted here) it looked like the story was a mystery. Now it turns out it's a love story. To read more, go here.

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