Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Olympia Actor Dennis Rolly: Soothsayer, Clown and Devil

From my Thurston Talk article on Dennis Rolly:The first time I saw Dennis Rolly act was in the black box at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts. It was 1993. The play was “King Lear” presented by the now defunct Washington Shakespeare Company. The last thing I saw him in was Harlequin Productions’ production The Seafarer. In between those he has appeared in more plays than I can count. More than he can count either, but he says he’s been in “at least 85 plays, probably closer to 95.”

It would be safe to say that Rolly loves acting...

Dennis Rolly as Marley in "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol" at Olympia Little Theatre; Chris Cantrell in background. Photo courtesy Olympia Little Theatre.

To read the complete article go to http://www.thurstontalk.com/2012/06/05/olympia-actor-dennis-rolly-soothsayer-clown-and-devil/

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