Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday

Today is the first Friday in eight years that I haven't had a theater review either published in The News Tribune or posted on this blog.

My next scheduled review will be "Sweeny Todd" at Lakewood Playhouse in TNT June 10. Tentatively scheduled for after that will be "Play On" at Olympia Little Theatre and Theatre Artists Olympia's "Oleanna," also at OLT, "Proof" at Tacoma Little Theatre and Harlequin's "Summer in the Sixties." 

I feel kinda at a loss for what to do on a Friday if I don't have a review to post, so I'll go back to my previous life as a painter and share a couple of old paintings. The one on top is called "Dervish." I painted it in 1997 and it won Best in Show in the annual Commencement Art Gallery's South Sound Juried Exhibition that year. The other one is a really early painting, a portrait of my son Bill done in about 1985. I don't know if it's clear from the photo or not, but the figure and chair are cut out of a wood panel and attached to the canvas, and the picture frame and stuffed duck are real.

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