Friday, November 5, 2010

Announcing Ricker Winsor's Pakuwon City

We just helped my old friend Ricker Winsor publish his first book. Here's the letter he sent out to all of his friends:

Dear Friends,
After many years of writing my first book has been published and is available on Amazon. The link is given below. You can see the front and back covers in the attached photos or by clicking on the link to my website below. I will be doing book signings and readings here in my home territory over the next few months but I hope you will buy the book on Amazon and review it there too. Two of my stories were published recently in France and I include the links to see them. I was very gratified by the response they got there and surprised too I guess. Thank you for your support. Many of you have seen my writing over the past ten years. Ricker
Link to front and back covers of Pakuwon City on my website:

Amazon link:

Two stories published in France in "Reflets du Temps"

Story “Catskill Bill” published in Reflets du Temps in France
Story “Ma’s Face” published in Reflets du Temps in France

Ricker Winsor

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