Friday, January 1, 2010

Me on holiday

I'm on holiday from my weekly theater column because all the theaters in the region are also taking a holiday. There's nothing playing. Most are between shows. The one exception being Lakewood Playhouse, which is taking a week off and resuming their run of "Tom Sawyer" the musical on Jan. 8 (watch for my review in The News Tribune on the 8th).

So, instead of posting a theater review this week I'll share something my son sent me that I also posted on Facebook.

It was written by one of his coworkers at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Noel explained, "It is a very funny and disturbingly accurate description of the work that I do." I thought our theater friends and others might enjoy it as much as I did.

See "What It's Like To Be A Stagehand"

P.S., I'm not on holiday from my art reviews. My latest was published in the Weekly Volcano yesterday (also posted on this blog), and I just sent my editor my review for next week. It's a look at the Movement of Impressionism show at Tacoma Art Museum.

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