Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help me pick a title

Help me pick a title for a new novel if you can.

Working title: The Neighborhood

Former childhood friends Alex Martin and Jim Bright meet in a bar shortly before their 50th high school reunion. The story revolves around their shared memories of adventures in junior high and high school in the fictional town of Pinewood, Mississippi. Most of the escapades they remember involve Boys and Girls Together (Crap, that title’s already taken).

It’s a comic novel set mostly in the late 50s and early 60s, and there’s lots and lots of sex -- comical sex, not pornographic. We’re talking before the so-called sexual revolution, but these boys and girls were doing it like rabbits, only most of them didn’t know very much about how to go about it.

The neighborhood centers around the corner of Dixie Avenue and Woodlawn Drive near Miller Creek. Hanky panky takes place along the creek bank.

Here are some possible titles I've come up with:

Sex and the Neighborhood
Down by the Creek
Along Miller Creek
Pinewood Chronicles
Getting to Third Base
Whole Lotta Screwing
Dixie Avenue
Dixie and Woodlawn
Kudzu Chronicles
Sweltering in Dixie

Please send you suggestions to me at or simply hit the comment button. Have fun with it. Thanks.

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Alec Clayton said...

People have been sending comments on this to my home email address but not posting them here. Some of the suggestions I've received are:
The Neighborhood
In the Neighborhood
Lost in the Kudzu
Three Minute Banana
He’s been telling whoppers all his life
The One and Only Gay Bar in Pinewood
... and a couple of parody titles: Pinewood Revisited and The Naked Happy Hour.