Monday, July 21, 2008

Sordid Lives is coming

Del Shores' film "Sordid Lives" has got to be the greatest gay trailer trash movie of all time -- well OK, maybe it's the only gay trailer trash movie of all time. It's one of only three DVDs I liked enough to actually pay for.

Shores is also the writer of the play "Southern Baptist Sissies," which was performed at South Puget Sound Community College at couple of years ago. Now the TV series based on the movie with many of the original cast members is coming to Logo. See The News Tribune article linked below for more information.

Small-town tale ‘Sordid Lives’ comes to TV
NEW YORK – On “Sordid Lives: The Series,” the colorful folk in a certain Texas town are back in action after having won an avid following with the 1996 play and 2000 movie of the same name.



Bev Sykes said...

I bookmarked this show to record on my DVR. Looking forward to it.wetc

Gabi Clayton said...

Here are some online video clips from "Sordid Lives".