Thursday, May 8, 2008

Best pool in the world

Someone found my website and on it a mention of the old swimming pool in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is the setting for a big scene in my first novel, Until the Dawn. He sent me this old postcard.

It was the best swimming pool in the world and the only municipal pool I've ever seen that was perfectly round with a diving tower in the middle. So many wonderful memories there. The big building in the background is Church Street Elementary where I went to school from first through sixth grade. Guess who else went to school there. Elvis Presley. He was in the same class with my sister. There's a tale my mother told me that I've repeated many times. One day my sister came home from school and my mother asked her, "What happened in school today?" and she said, "Aw, nothing. Elvis brought his guitar again."

To Wade P. - Thanks for sending me the card.

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