Monday, April 14, 2008

You're missing a great show

Unless you are the other couple in the audience last night at the Midnight Sun, you're missing a great show -- "The Ascetic," produced by Theater Artists Olympia in conjunction with The Northwest Playwrights Alliance and Prodigal Sun Productions and starring Pug Bujeaud, Tim Hoban, Tim Scott (aka Tim Samland) and Paul Gisi.

I saw this play first in rehearsal a couple of weeks ago and then again Sunday night. I wrote a preview article for my weekly column in The News Tribune (scroll down to see it). It is a wonderful play, well written (by Philip Atlakson), well acted, and well directed (by Dennis Rolly).

There was a grand total of four people in the audience Sunday night, and I was told that there were only two people in the audience opening night. My God! Such lack of support for hard working and well known local theater people is disgusting. Get off your asses, people, and buy your tickets at buy Tickets are a mere $12.

And tell everybody you know.

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