Friday, June 15, 2007

Take Me Out Again

Last night we went back to Olympia Little Theater to see "Take Me Out" again. As much as we loved it the first time around, we wouldn't have gone back if it had not been a special benefit performance for Capital City Pride. Between opening night and last night's performance, the cast has settled in. The actors have become more comfortable in their roles. Dirctor Tom Sanders, who had to fill in at the last minute in the role of Davey Battle, admits he dropped lines opening night, but he covered so well that I didn't notice. Last night he was excellent. And Brian Jansen, whom I praised in my earlier review for his comic chops as the nerdy Mason Mazac, is even funnier now.

There are only two more performances. If you don't catch one of them, you'll regret it. Scroll down to see my review in The News Tribune.

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Ruby Re-Usable said...

hey, when where you there? The husband and I went this past Friday nite, it was a great show! love, etc Ruby

Alec Clayton said...

In my job I see so many plays I can't remember when I saw what. I originally saw this one at the Seattle Rep about two years ago. I think it was opening night when I first saw it at OLT, and then I went back to the see special Capital City Pride benefit performance.