Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another teaser for the Backside

The Backside of Nowhere tells the tale of popular movie star David Lawrence who has not spoken to his detested father in more than twenty years. When the old curmudgeon has a heart attack and careens off the top of a parking garage, David goes home to the little bayou town of Freedom to be with his family. While there, he falls in love with his old high school sweetheart, confronts a lifelong enemy (the local sheriff), and discovers that his beautiful adopted sister, Melissa, is not who he thinks she is.

A hurricane is heading toward Freedom, and within the family a different kind of storm is brewing. David’s obstinate old man, practically on his death bed, decides to throw a hurricane party and ride out the storm with friends, knowing he’s about to die and wanting to go out with a bang. When the storm hits, the Lawrence house is swept off its foundation and washed down the bayou with everyone trapped inside. It comes to rest against a pile of debris. Water fills the lower floor. David’s father and Melissa are trapped underwater, and it is David and his old enemy the sheriff who must save them.

This is my latest novel, the one I am currently shopping around to agents and publishers. It is filled with floods and hurricanes and riots at football games, and yet it’s not really about all that action at all; it’s more about the inner storms that rage in the fetid bayous of memory and long-held secrets.

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