Monday, February 4, 2008

No mo fat

Once again my home state of Mississippi has made me proud of my Southern heritage. NOT.

What's the latest? Mississippi, the fattest state in the union, wants to pass a law banning restaurants from serving fat people. This is a state that keeps screaming to get government off our backs; yet they keep inviting government into our bedrooms, and now they want to dictate what their citizens can eat. Gosh, you might think that before taking such draconian measures they might try promoting good nutritional education or maybe make some attempt to encourage their overweight citizens to eat something besides fried catfish and hush puppies, fried chicken and cornbread. I grew up eating that kind of food and I love it, but it's nothing but a heart attack in a fry pan.

One ray of hope is that even if they pass the no-food-for-fatties law the governor might have to veto it for his own protection, because ... well, have you SEEN Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour? He's quite a hefty fellow.

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Gabi Clayton said...

I've posted on this one too. Its on my blog here:
Fat in Mississippi?