Friday, March 12, 2010

"Travel Queeries" is coming to Olympia

I have not idea if this is going to be any good or not, but it sure looks interesting.

Post-Gay Productions and Olympia Film Society presents
“Travel Queeries”
Olympia Premiere Screening
Followed by Q&A with Director/Producers
Saturday, April 3
at Capitol Theater
Admission: $5 member/$8 non-members

"(Travel Queeries presents a) subjective take on radical queer art, culture, and activism in today's Europe. Interviews, performances, and a great soundtrack prove that 'queer' is not just a cosy umbrella term for all things non-heterosexual, but clearly a political identity."
Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, Germany (October 2009)

Travel Queeries is a feature-length documentary film that examines the culture, art and activism of radical queers in contemporary Europe. Through personal interviews, documentation of performances, festivals, multi-media arts and community spaces, the film explores queer as a political identity in 21st century Europe, how language and identities translate over cultural and physical borders. The film visits queers explaining the first Pride in Serbia, stories of the drag scene in Berlin, a queer anarchist black-lingerie block at London Pride, and Barcelona’s queer squatters organizing the 8th international Queeruption. With this exciting international lens on queer fringe culture, Travel Queeries uses storytelling as a tool for bridge building between diverse perspectives within the LGBT/queer community, increasing knowledge and understanding of queer European culture. Audiences in both the US and Europe have voiced amazement at the lack of knowledge or access to information about these queer activists and projects based in Europe.

The Production Team of Travel Queeries consists of Olympia native Elliat Graney-Saucke (who went to Capitol/Avanti HS), Director and Executive Producer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Margaritte Knezek, Director of Photography/Co-Producer, is currently based in Olympia, WA, completing her degree at The Evergreen State College. Associate Producer Sid Peterson is based in Seattle, WA. All three producers will be in attendance for the Question and Answer session after the film screening.

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