Monday, January 26, 2015

Reviewing Bare: A Boudoir Exhibition. It’s a conundrum

I can’t very well review my own paintings for my “Visual Edge” column in the Weekly Volcano, but to not review the show I’m in would be unfair to the gallery. It would be like punishing them for including me in the show. So I will review “Bare: A Boudoir Exhibition” at B2 Fine Art Gallery, but with a disclaimer explaining that I am in the show but cannot mention my own work.
The truth is, it is an honor to be in an exhibition with the likes of Guy Anderson, Marsha Glaziere, Marianne Hanson, and the Penn and Teller of visual art, Ron Schmitt & Ric Hall.
We’re talking Guy Anderson for Christ’s sake. If you don’t know who he is, you’ve been sleeping under a moss-covered rock. From Wikipedia: “Guy Anderson (1906 -1998) was an American Abstract Expressionist painter. Along with Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves, William Cumming, and Mark Tobey, Anderson was identified in a Life Magazine
 article as one of the "northwest mystics," also known as the Northwest School.”
The other artists in this show are no slouches either, yet the opening reception was sparsely attended. It was mostly fellow artists standing around talking to each other. I had enjoyable and informative conversations with Ric Hall and Marianne Hanson and fellow artists not in the show Sharon Styler and Barlow Palminteri. But as participating artist Nina said, “Where are the clients?”
Hopefully they’ll show up. The show runs through March 14, so there should be plenty of opportunities. My review will be published in the Weekly Volcano either next week or the week after.

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