Saturday, January 24, 2015

Building for the Future: Collections at Evergreen

Due to the short-sightedness and outright stupidity of some people in the state legislature and The Evergreen State College administration, TESC is in danger of losing its art gallery, a most valuable asset of the college and a boon to the community and the South Puget Sound region.

As one small step in the fight toward keeping the gallery, TESC putting on a special show to highlight what a marvelous collection they have to share.

Evergreen Gallery presents - 'Building for the Future: Collections at Evergreen' from January 22 - March 4, 2015.

Artists Include -
Diane Arbus, Rick Bartow, John Divola, Lyonel Grant, Allan Houser, Ester Hernandez, Helmi Juvonen, Jacob Lawrence, Larry McNeil, Ramon Murillo, Richard Misrach, Susan Pavel, Lillian Pitt, Mary Randlett, Charles Stokes, Andy Warhol, Edward Weston, and more!!!

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