Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out of the Silence

When PFLAG-Olympia brought singer-songwriter Steve Schlachlin to town to perform with The Righteous Mothers a nationally-known calligrapher named Sally Penly came to the concert. She had never before heard of Steve Schalchlin but was moved by his songs and the stories he told. She approached him after the concert and told him she was "very moved by the evening, especially "Gabi's Song" and other stories about GLBT kids who were bullied.

So, she put together an idea for a traveling exhibition featuring great calligraphers making works of art out of both Steve's lyrics and the words of kids who were victims of violence. She later asked Gabi and I, and Steve, if we would give her the okay to go ahead with the project and perhaps help her in whatever ways we may be able to.

So, now they're raising the money for the project through Kickstarter. I would encourage you, reader, to go to the site's page and help us put this together.

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