Monday, November 23, 2009

Online auction

I just received a notice from painter Ron Hinson that he is haveing an online auction. This may be your chance to get some outstanding art at a very reasonable price. I've known Ron for years and have favorably reviewed his art on a number of occasions. I own one of his paintings, too.

Here is the notice he sent to me:

On my website are ten painted constructions, all of which are to be auctioned. The web address is: You will find directions on the web site about participating in the auction. Initial bids are $200. Subsequent bids must be in increments of at least $25. Biding will begin on.November 23. and end on December 18.

Delivery and installation (if desired) of the painted construction is included in the purchase for delivery and installation in the Olympia area. Outside the Olympia area the purchaser must cover cost of delivery (I can deliver the work) and/or installation, which will be the cost of driving to your site. Because detailed instructions for assembly and hanging are provided, the purchaser may hang the artwork. Each construction will be contained in sturdy cardboard boxes, each appropriately numbered and marked. A full scale diagram of the construction is provided for ease of placement on the wall.

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