Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New painting

I don't paint much any more. People who follow my blog and website may have noticed that. I used to paint almost all day every day. Now I go for months on end without touching paint to canvas. My latest painting is one I've been half-heartedly fiddling around with for a year or more. I just never could seem to get it right and never could get excited about it. Then I started simplifying the background and something sparked, and in a couple of hours spread out over two days I finished it. And I think it's a really good painting. I thought the figure looked like a pit bull. My friend Michael said it looked like a lion. I decided that, if so, it's a female lion. For no particular reason other than I like the sound of lioness better than lion. So that's the title I gave it.

Pictured: "Lioness," oil on canvas, 31" x 24", May 2009

BTW, people who subscribe to the PFLAG-Olympia blog may have been surprised to find this posting in their in-boxes. Sorry, I posted it on the wrong blog.

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