Monday, November 25, 2013

Did'ja know about Gabi's art?

You are in for quite an enjoyable surprise when you come to our Giant Art Sale — 70 works of art by Gabi Clayton never before seen in the Pacific Northwest except by our immediate family and a few of our closest friends.

I have shown my art in galleries for years but Gabi never has. Most of our friends do not even know that she is an artist. She majored in drawing and painting for two years back in 1986 and ’87 (and made straight A’s by-the-way). I was teaching at the same college, and when I had a falling out with the art department she changed her major to film-making. The next year we moved to Olympia and she did her final year of undergraduate study focusing on film and animation at Evergreen.

She is a wonderfully talented and expressive artist, but after changing her major she put all of her artwork away and has focused since on graphic and web design and book publishing, and never again showed these works on paper publicly.

Now we have selected 70 of Gabi's works on paper to include in our big art sale. You really must see them. These works plus about 100 of my paintings will be on sale for prices well below what they go for in galleries. Even if you can’t afford to buy art, come by to browse and to visit. There will surely be a bunch of your friends here.

The sale is Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1327 25th Court NE, Olympia - on the corner of Bethel. Yellow house with plum trim, chain link fence around the yard.

Call 628-8412 or email or if you have any questions.

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