Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black clad and black hearted

L to R: Dylan Twiner, Nathan Rice

The Woman in Black at Lakewood Playhouse

reviewed by Michael Dresdner

If a classic ghost story rings your bell, Lakewood Playhouse has just the ticket for you, literally. The Woman in Black, directed by Beau M. K. Prichard, is an old style chiller that starts with a puzzling but innocent premise, and slowly unfolds to a decidedly upsetting conclusion.

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A note of explanation:Once in a while I feel that I need to explain to my readers why I am posting reviews by Michael Dresdner. When The News Tribune cut my column from weekly to monthly I announced that I would continue reviewing plays in Olympia on my blog but that I would not be able to review as many Tacoma area plays because of the cost of commuting. At that point Michael offered to review Tacoma shows for me. I've know Michael since I first began writing theater reviews, and I knew that he was knowledgeable and had discerning taste, so I gratefully accepted his offer. When he started his own blog I decided it would work better if we posted blurbs and linksw from one another's blogs. This way we are able to help each other have wider coverage of area theater and hopefully our readers will reap the rewards and the theater companies will get more butts in seats.

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