Saturday, January 15, 2011


Now I understand the thrill a playwright must feel the first time he or she sees actors performing his work. I adapted two small scenes from my latest novel, Reunion at the Wetside, for a staged reading at Orcas Books in Olympia. I forgot to make a head count, but I think there were about 30 people in the audience, and their response was electric. They laughed at all the right places and were stunned at the one shocking bit (which I can’t divulge to people who haven’t read it yet – suffice it to say it involved a chimpanzee). 

The actors were also thrilled, and we talked briefly about wanting to do it again – so stay tuned; if you missed it we’re going to do our best to line up another one, and if anybody reading this can help us line up other venues please let me know.

The actors were Dennis Rolly – whose narration brought all the boring exposition to life; Chris Cantrell – believable as a hard-hitting police reporter; Jennie Jenks – who grew half a foot to play the statuesque Alex Martin; and Jim Patrick – who made us believe that Jim Bright really was “Mr. Everything.”

Thank you each. You set my words on fire.

I also want to thank Jon and the crew at Orcas and Stephanie from Capital Playhouse for lending us the music stands. 

There will be other staged readings of this and other works. I just don’t yet know what or when or where.

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