Monday, October 21, 2019

Pippi Longstocking at Lakewood Playhouse

 Presents in Collaboration with
OCTOBER 24th – NOVEMBER 3rd [8 Shows Only]

The Lakewood Playhouse is proud to present its 7th Annual “Special” Joint Presentation with its very own Lakewood Institute of Theatre — “Pippi Longstocking” for 8 Shows Only! The famous story by Astrid Lindgren is adapted for the stage for an amazing adventure for the entire family!!  The Show will run from October 24th through the November 3rd and be performed on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm!  There will also be a Special “Pay What You Can” Performance on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00pm

Ticket Prices are just $15.00 Each! The show is directed by The Lakewood Institute of Theatre’s Education Director, Deborah L. Armstrong.  This Production marks a true collaboration between the Lakewood Playhouse’s Mainstage and its Education Department as it brings all the production elements of a Main Stage show and combines them with the even bigger sense of wonder and adventure brought by its youth and educators!

The show has a Huge Cast with Over 20 Actors of All Ages from Seven Years Old and Up! It includes performances by our Youth Actors - Julianna Guzman (Annika), Nigel Kelly (Tommy), Makenna Kelpman (Pippi), Mia Uhl (Thunder / Sailor), Judah Sawyer (Bloom/ Sailor), Audrey LaRoy (Angel Mama / Townspeople), Gunnar Ray (Klang / Townspeople), Thayden Boom (Larsson / Townspeople), Chailia Wednland (School Children), Howie Howard (School Children), Juliana Heckard (School Children), Norah Gawryczik (School Children) and Selayna Rudolph (School Children) as well as our Adult Actors - JP Plinka (Carnival Manager / Sailor), James D Lett (Strongman / Sailor), Tad Isaac (Teacher / Townspeople), Matt Kelly (Captain Longstocking), Katie Howard (Mrs. Settergren / Townspeople), Libby Catalinich (Mrs. Prysselius / Townspeople) and Tuppence Cooney (Mrs. Granberg / Townspeople).

ABOUT THE SHOW: ​ “An Adventure for the Whole Family filled with Laughter and a Dash of Mischief”

On the outskirts of town stands a ramshackle house. It may not seem like much ’til you peek through the railings…then, there’s a horse on the porch, a monkey in the kitchen and a freckle faced, red-pigtailed, whirlwind of a girl in mismatched stockings presiding over all! This is the domain of Pippi Longstocking who is outrageously unsupervised and proud of it. When her father sails into town just in time to rescue her from a solitary life in the Children’s Home, she has the chance to join him in his adventurous pirate life, but she chooses to stay. As odd as it seems, and against all the rules, she has found a place where she belongs.

Lakewood Playhouse 

Lakewood Towne Center, 5729 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd., Lakewood
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