Monday, August 8, 2011

A break of sorts

I plan to take a break from blogging this month. Or at least blog less frequently. Relatives are coming in from California this week and our son’s wedding is Sunday, so I might be a little busy. Besides which, most of the theaters in the area are on their summer schedules.

I wrote my art reviews for the Weekly Volcano in advance and sent them in already.

Coming up this week, a review of the Mark Bennion show at William Traver Gallery in Tacoma – an excellent show, review to be published Aug. 11.

Coming next week, a review of an exhibition at Sandpiper Gallery of works by Vladimer Shadov & Chris Wooten – Shadov is showing black and white photos of nudes wrapped in shimmering, semi-transparent sheets and Wooten is showing wire sculptures. The review comes out Aug. 18.

While my brother- and sister-in-law are here from California, we’re going to take them to the Museum of Glass to see the glass punctuation marks (quote marks, exclaimation points, etc.) by Mildred Howard, and I plan to review that show for the Aug. 25 Volcano.

My only scheduled theater review for August is “Mauritius” at Harlequin. I’ve never seen it. It’s billed as “a funny, fascinating and riveting excursion into the dangerous world of stamp collecting.” You can read my review in The News Tribune Aug. 26.

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