Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Physician in Spite of Himself

Sara Geiger as Lucinde and Robert McConkey as Sganarelle, all photos courtesy Theater Artists Olympia

Jess Allan as Martine and Robert McConkey
Once again Theater Artists Olympia has taken a classic and updated to make it if not better than the original, then at least more enjoyable and laughable for contemporary audiences. Philip Wickstrom with Pug Bujeaud with the TAO collective have updated Molière’s 17th-century farce The Physician in Spite of Himself, setting it in Louisiana in the 1880s. 

Tonight, Dec. 17,  is the final performance

George Daugherty as Thibaut, Mark Alford as Robert, and Robert McConkey

Marko Bujeaud as Geronte, Sara Geiger and Robert McConkey

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Published in Oly Arts and the Weekly Volcano.

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