Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shaw Osha’s My love hath kissed in fixing at Salon Refu

Published in Oly Arts online.

Salon Refu owner Susan Christion posted this on Facebook: “I have an art gallery, Salon Refu. This evening we finished installing a quiet, enticing, initially mysterious show of works by Shaw Osha, my friend and an important artist. Sometimes I don't understand what Shaw is doing in her work as an artist. Right now I do understand it. It's beautiful, thoughtful, compelled by feeling. You should come in and see what happens inside of you.”
Shaw Osha is a painter and visual arts professor at The Evergreen State College known for her earlier figurative paintings in an abstract-expressionist style, works somewhat reminiscent of Richard Diebenkorn’s early figurative works and more recently for conceptual work.  

The work she is currently showing at Salon Refu is a radical departure from earlier work. It is a group of collages with dried flowers and a theme of racial relations that is not at all made clear in the work itself, the only hint being one piece that has collaged onto it in words cut from a newspaper “who is white” and “who is black.”

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