Friday, August 30, 2013

Freedom Players

Christian Carvajal

Dennis Rolly

Heather Christopher

Jennie Jenks

Michael Christopher

Pug Bujeaud
Readers of this blog have surely already seen the announcements on the “Freedom Players” reading of The Freedom Trilogy at the Olympia Library on Sept. 12. But just in case you missed it, here it is again.

The trilogy comprises my novels The Backside of Nowhere and Return to Freedom, and the third book, a work in progress called Visual Liberties. I have adapted scenes from each of the three books for a stage reading that, combined, will be like a one act play that runs approximately half an hour.

The Backside of Nowhere is the story of movie star David Lawrence who comes back home to Freedom, Return to Freedom follows up with some of the same characters three years later and focuses on Malcolm Ashton and Sonny Staples, teenage hoodlums in the first book now all grown up. Sonny is a born-again preacher with an eye for teenage girls, especially Malcolm’s daughter Molly. The third book, Visual Liberties, follows Molly as she goes to college and gets involved with her art teacher, Darren Strong, and a fellow student, Francis Gossing.

Mississippi and ends up trapped in the old family home during a hurricane with his dying father, the county sheriff (who is a lifelong enemy) and his former high school sweetheart.
Reading various parts will be some of the best actors in Olympia. Here’s a scene-by-scene breakdown of who is doing which parts:

Dennis Rolly will be the narrator and will play Freight Train Taylor and Malcolm Ashton in the first scene only.

Scene 1 – from The Backside of Nowhere
Christian Carvajal – David
Michael Christopher – Pop and Sonny
Heather Christopher – Shelly
Jennie Jenks – Sue Ellen
Pug Bujeaud- Deputy.

Scene 2 – from Return to Freedom
Michael Christopher – Malcolm
Heather Christopher – Bitsey
Jennie Jenks – Beulah
Pug Bujeaud – Marcia
Christian Carvajal – James

Scene 3 – from Visual Liberties
Pug Bujeaud – Molly
Heather Christopher – Girl 1
Jennie Jenks – Girl 2
Christian Carvjal – Frances
Michael Christopher – Darren.

The reading starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. There will be a question-and-answer period after and book signing. It takes place at the downtown Olympia public library.

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agathafrye said...

This was incredibly fun, thanks so much Alec and all of the Freedom Players!