Saturday, January 21, 2012

So busy I want to stop everything and write about being busy

After next week you might as well take me out behind the barn and shoot me. If I survive the week.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week I had nothing to do and couldn’t do it anyway. I was snowed in and with no Internet connection. So I read a lot. I read half of the newest anthology of Barry Hannah stories. Damn that man could write. It’s a shame he died young.

Now that I have my connection back and can actually get out of the driveway, work is piling up as deep as the snow.

Today I went to a press preview for the Northwest Biennial at Tacoma Art Museum. My review will be in the Weekly Volcano next week. Tonight we’re going to the opening of “Play It Again, Sam” at Lakewood Playhouse. My review will be in The News Tribune next Friday. Tomorrow I’m going to a rehearsal for “Seafarer” at Harlequin to write it up for, and next week I need to go to a rehearsal of “Hair” for another thurstontalk article, and Monday I hope to attend a meeting on a community art project (details hopefully to come in yet another TT article).

Wednesday is a PFLAG board meeting. Thursday Steve Schalchlin arrives prior to his performance with The Righteous Mothers, and he will be staying at our house. Naturally we’ll be going to the Steve S and RM show Friday and Saturday nights.

That kind of wraps up the week, except I forgot to mention I just got asked to write an article for GLASS Quarterly, an international glass art magazine. My deadline is early next week.

Maybe we could have another snow storm after next week.

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