Saturday, March 19, 2011

The other reviewer

With a title like "The other reviewer" you might have thought I was going to write something about Weekly Volcano theater critic Christian Carvajal or TNT arts writer Rosemary Ponnekanti, but no I'm not. I'm giving long overdue credit to my spouse, Gabi. I can't list her in my byline, but her input on my reviews is invaluable -- especially my theater reviews (art reviews not so much, even though she studied art and could offer valuable comments).

Gabi goes with me every time I review a play, and on the way home we discuss the play. Countless times she has pointed out things I would not have thought about. And then she edits everything I write before I send it in. So when you read my reviews think of them as OUR reviews.

1 comment:

Gabi Clayton said...

Thank you, Alec. :-)
(I don't usually read the art reviews though.)