Saturday, May 30, 2009

OMG Where’s my Volcano

OMG Where’s my Volcano?! I always pick up the latest copy of the Weekly Volcano at (pick one - coffee shop, bar, art gallery, other) and suddenly it’s gone. Where oh where can my Volcano be?

The Weekly Volcano is THE alternative weekly for Tacoma and the South Sound. It’s your best source for unflinching news and opinion, and for arts and entertainment news and reviews. But starting June 4 your favorite weekly is going into hiding. You might have a hard time finding it. But rest assured, it hasn’t gone away; it’s hiding inside the Ranger.

The Ranger? Do you mean the military paper? How can that be? That would be like distributing the Village Voice as in insert in the Wall Street Journal — or worse yet, inside of Stars and Stripes.

Sadly, the Weekly Volcano is being forced to take this step in order to save money during the recession. Some readers may recall that the Weekly Volcano started out as an insert in the Ranger. Other than hiding inside the Ranger, there will be no noticeable changes to the Volcano, or so we’ve been assured by editor extraordinaire Matt Driscoll. So dear friends, I urge you to look for the Ranger beginning June 4. Inside you will find your favorite weekly newspaper with all the great stuff you’ve come to expect — including my Visual Edge art review column.

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